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Signature Club A Gold Rush Skin Serum

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Signature Club A Rapid Transport C "Gold Rush" Skin Serum
Join the gold rush for more radiant, healthy-looking skin. This serum not only softens and hydrates your skin, but it gives dull, parched skin a beautiful, healthy glow. Get ready for an incredible, radiant aura.
Unique ingredient blend is formulated with Colloidal Gold ingredient
Nanoparticals of pure gold bring a vibrant, sheer radiance to the surface of the skin
Ingredients include a skin penetrating, pH neutral, stable form of Vitamin C that is transported through the skin and is converted to ascorbic acid by the action of enzymes in the skin
Vitamin C antioxidant helps fight environmental aggressors and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, giving skin a more plump look
Formula contains a bevy of brighteners and skin firmers to help give skin a temporary firmer look and more brightened appearance
Roller ball applicator is the best way to apply the gold rush evenly, creating perfectly balanced, radiant-looking skin
Made in USA

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