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Protektor Model Dr. Bag w/ Mid. Cordura Ear 1/2" T.S. Btwn. Ears Rear Benchrest Bag (Filled) - M

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This top of the line custom Bumble Bee Dr Rear Bag, used by many champion bench rest shooters, has extra long, low ears which help the gun track incredibly well. Has Mid. Cordura 1/2" Triple Stitch Btwn. ears for a better track. This bag has a integral doughnut bottom comprised of 4 layer hard bottom. The side spears have the stiffer Bumble Bee Black and Gold leather to keep from stretching over time. This is an incredibly stable bag that will provide years of service. Bag Measurements: Mid. Cordura 1/2" T.S. Btwn. Ears, bag is 3 3/4" - 4" tall to the bottom of the ears, 6" x 8" doughnut bottom, comes filled with sand and ready to use! MADE IN USA!

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