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Finest Quality Professional Extension Piano Tuning Lever Rosewood w/Case

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There are absolutely no finer tuning levers produced at any price. For the discriminating tuner, both amateur/hobbyists and professionals alike will appreciate this extendable tuning hammer. Overall length is 11-1/2" plus a possible 6-1/2" extension, which includes an 8" ROSEWOOD handle. Weighing 18oz, this tuning hammer is perfectly balanced.

Includes 1 1/4" length tip at 5 degrees, and #2 Star Tip at 1" long. 11" overall length.

Includes a tip wrench and a soft roll-up case for storage and protection (made of durable macintosh material).

Important Note: These are "Made in USA" tools, in that, all the tools we offer, recommend and promote are made in the USA! You may see piano tuning levers and tools that look exactly like this one but they are actually made in abroad, and hence sold at reduced, and often ridiculously low prices. Beware of the lesser quality imitations.

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