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Rechargeable Explosion Proof Right Angle Clip Light - Class I, Div. 1 Group D - Made in USA(-110

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Rechargeable Explosion Proof Right Angle Clip Light - Class I, Div. 1 Group D - Made in USA(-110-220V). Made in the USAThe Magnalight EXPRA-04R rechargeable explosion proof right angle clip light can be used as either an inspection light or a general area work light and is waterproof and Class 1 Division 1&2 Group D approved. This light includes a standard 110-220 VAC charging unit and runtime is approximately 5.5 hours on a full charge. The reflector configuration on this explosion proof angle light produces a beam approximately 200' in length by 30' in width. This angle light is designed to be attached via ring or spring clip to vests, coats or helmets, allowing operators hands free operation. This explosion proof angle flashlight contains a single H-13 halogen bulb that has a 50 hour operational life, produces 60,000 candlepower, and comes with two spare bulb compartments.Power for this light is provided by a NI-cad battery producing 4.8 volts and a runtime of 5.5 hours on a single charge. An included charging unit will recharge the battery in 2 hours and includes an LED indicator to signify a full charge. LED status indicators display battery charge levels to ensure operators can recharge the unit before full battery discharge. An optional 12/24 VDC charging unit is available for low voltage recharging. This explosion proof angle light is waterproof and 30 foot drop survival tested. The housing, switch and tube on this angle light are constructed of high strength nylon, and the lens is impact and scratch resistant poylcarbonate. Safety approvals include UL, CUL, & CSA, as well as UL Class 1 Division 1 Group D and ATEX II 2 G EEX ib e IIB T3 certification. Dark street with street lamp 475 feet away EXPRA-04R reaching 190' easily.

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