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Animation - Eureka Seven Ao 1 [Japan LTD Bd]

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The protagonist, Ao, lives on Iwado Island in Okinawa with the elder doctor, Toshio. He spends what money he can scrape together on a poaching fish, so he can leave in search of his lost mother. Then one day, a lone FP (Flying Platform, a small air-transport) makes an emergency landing. The pilot of the FP, Gazelle, is a courier hired by the Japanese military, and in Gazelle's cargo, Ao finds a bracelet.

That's when the Scab Coral appears on the island, and mysterious monsters known as "Secret" begin their attack, targeting them. Iwado Island is also a political hot spot, where the Okinawa Island Confederation, China, and Japan fought over its territorial rights. So in order to eliminate the Secret, a dispatch order is given to the private enterprise GENERATION BLUE's IFO Squad, Team Pied Piper.

Lead by the bracelet, Ao boards an IFO belonging to Japan's military, the Nirvash. The last time anyone had managed to activate the Nirvash was a decade ago, when a certain "incident" happened.

After his encounter with Nirvash, Ao and the IFO Team Pied Piper begin fighting together against the Secret. Ao steadies his resolve to avoid regrets, and his journey to learn about the past and pave the future begins!

[Limited Edition]
A special case, illustrated by the character designer Kenichi Yoshida and design works Shiho Takeuchi
Special button badge, special booklet, trailer, audio commentary and more!
*Volume 1 includes episode 1 & 2.
*This Blu-ray disc is region-free and includes English subtitles.

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