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Serious Skincare 4 Million Iu a Cream Xr Time-released Retinol Cream, 2 oz

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Serious Skincare 4 Million IU A Cream XR Time-Released Retinol Cream
Recapture the look of youthful skin with a little help from this powerful face cream. Formulated to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it provides sustained released of beneficial ingredients, over time, into the skin. So you can put your best face forward every day!

What You Get
2 fl. oz. 4 Million IU A Cream XR Time-Released Retinol Cream

What It Does
Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Helps your skin look young, healthy and radiant

Contains 4 million international units of retinol palmitate per tube
Formulated with nanofied retinol
Nanofication shrinks down the particle size of the retinol for superior penetration
Contains XR300 nanocaps
Joins wrinkle-fighters with state-of-the-art delivery technology
Very effective and powerful form of wrinkle-fighting vitamin A
Saturates your skin with moisturizers and antioxidants

How to Use
Can be used twice a day - morning and evening
Apply to freshly cleansed, dry skin or on top of A-Force XR Serum
Gently massage into skin
Not intended for use in eye area

Made in USA

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