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Samsung DA61-00159 Compatible Refrigerator Water and Ice Filter by Zuma Water Filter (OPFS)

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This Filter is a direct replacement for the following refrigerator filter model numbers: DA29-00002; DA29-000028; DA29-00002A; DA29-00002A-8; DA29-00002A-B; DA29-00003; DA29-000038; DA29-00003A; DA29-00003A-8; DA29-00003A-B; DA29-00003B; DA29-00003G; DA29-0002; DA29-00028; DA29-0002B. DA29-0003; DA29-00038; DA29-0003B; DA29-0003G; DA2900002. DA29000028; DA2900002A; DA2900002B; DA2900003; DA29000038; DA2900003A; DA2900003B; DA2900003G; DA290002; DA2900028. DA290002B; DA290003; DA2900038; DA290003B; DA290003G; DA61-00159; DA61-00159A; DA61-00159A-8; DA61-00159A-B; DA61-159. DA61159; DA97-06317A; EFF-6011A; HAFCU1; HAFCU1/XAA. HAFCUI; HAFIN2; HAFIN2/EXP; PS1012513; PS2123057; PS2507074; PS2509506; SGF-DSB30; TADA29-000038; TADA29-00003A; TADA29-00003B; W10132126; WF-289; WF289; WSS-1. EASY REPLACEMENT INSTALLATION ECONOMINCAL AND ECO FRIENDLY ALTERNATIVE REMOVES BAD TASTE, ODORS AND CHLORINE Choose the Eco Friendly Alternative for your water and ice filtration for your refrigerator. Zuma Filters only uses the highest Made in USA Compressed Coconut Carbon media for its line of Water Filters. This will assure the best possible filtration to reduce or eliminate bad taste and odor associated with tap water and provides the highest quality of water and ice from your refrigerator. The process of Carbonizing Coconut Shells into Coconut Carbon is a much more Eco Friendly process than traditional charcoal production for water filters. You can rest assured that you have taken a much Greener approach to water filtration which is better tasting and much better for the environment. GO GREEN WITH Zuma Filters WATER FILTERS Advantages: Eco Friendly alternative to standard ice and water refrigerator filters Provides 6 months or 300 gallons of ice and water filtration Reduces Chlorine, Bad taste and odors for a clean and fresh tasting water .

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