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Pair of Stainless Steel "F Hole" Sound Hole Covers for Cigar Box Guitars, Dulcimers and More!

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These beautiful custom metal parts are absolutely perfect additions to that special cigar box guitar or other homemade instrument build. These custom-cut parts are Made in the USA in Texas by a master handmade instrument crafter and innovator. We are proud to be able to offer these high-quality parts to our customers.

These sound hole covers are meant to go over the classic "F-hole" shape. They can really dress up an instrument! They are available in both brass and stainless steel, and is 3 5/8" (93mm) in length, 1 15/16" wide (50mm) and about 1/32" thick. Mounting screws are not included with these sound hole covers. See the pictures for installation examples (note that the pics might show other varieties of this product or similar products, to give you an idea of how they are used on an instrument).

Each of these parts has been rough-polished, and may exhibit light scuffs and scratches from shipping. You will likely want to do further buffing on a metal buffing wheel before installing them on your build. Some smoothing of the edges with sandpaper might also be necessary. They can also be polished up to a mirror shine if so desired! Please see the photo with the rulers to get an idea of the size. Note that mounting hardware is not included for these parts!

By spending a little extra and buying these parts instead of Chinese-made parts, you are supporting American entrepreneurs, while at the same time getting a unique, custom-crafted piece that you just can't get in bulk from overseas. We believe that is something worth supporting!

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