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Punching Bag Boxing MMA Punching Bag

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100lbs Boxing/MMA Heavy Bag.
Comes with an unbeatable 10 year warranty.
Designed with straps so NO chains needed. Straps are made out of the same material as the punching bag.
This heavy bag is Made in USA out of Lead Free heavy duty vinyl. This vinyl is extremely tough and is also used for custom 300lbs bags.
Filled ONLY with compressed fabric , No Sand. ( Sand is very bad in a heavy bag because after a short time of use it sinks to the bottom portion of the bag making it hard as stone and impossible to use. Other companies add sand because it is much faster to get the needed weight) We fill the heavy bags only with fabric re-compressing it multiple times , so you would love to hit this bag even after years of use.
The double color design will make your heavy bag stand out from the " crowd" and the quality will make it the best piece of equipment you ever used.

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