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Innovation Factory IF 912 USA Made Custom Leather Sheath with Shoulder Strap and Belt Loop

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The Custom Sheath is an essential accessory for the Trucker's Friend or Handy/Rescue Multi-Tools. Built to professional standards, this is the sheath which comes already packaged with the HRT. Hand made in a small Colorado workshop the custom sheath is made of first quality leather and built to last. The sheath comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and belt loop as well as two metal D-rings. Innovation Factory recommend oiling the sheath after 6 months to a year, particularly if the sheath has been out in the elements. Put a little dab of olive oil on your finger and rub lightly in a circular motion, but not too much. Let the sheath dry for a couple of hours and the oil will even itself throughout the leather. The more frequent you apply the oil, the darker the leather will appear. You can also use saddle soap to clean and restore the custom sheath.

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