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AD-50 ACUPWR (TM) 50 Watt Step DOWN Transformer - 220V to 110V - Lifetime Warranty

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There are many transformers/Voltage Converters in the market which are available at lesser prices. These are Chinese made products which will most definitely damage your appliances. We highly recommend researching on the net before purchasing transformers. You'll find number of cases in which cheap transformers have damaged expensive appliances. Saving a few dollars now can cost you $ 1000's later. Acupwr transformers are Designed and Manufactured in USA using the finest materials and engineering. The ACUPWR CE certified Step Up transformer is specially designed to let you use 220V appliances in 110V countries. They offer risk free operation, and are just what you need to ensure the safety of your gadgets and appliances in a foreign country. Acupwr transformers offer $10,000 in damage cover. The transformer is safe for continous use at 120% of stated Wattage. They are made from the highest grade copper metal in the world, rendering them durable and reliable. The transformers accept 120% continuous use of stated wattage and 200% wattage for short time usage.

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