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Aquaus Diaper Sprayer and Multi-Use Spray Wand, Chrome

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The Aquaus Diaper Sprayer and Multi- Use Spray Wand is a simple and easy way to rinse cloth diapers before tossing in the washing machine. Adjustable high-pressure jet spray is perfect for rinsing even the messiest reusable cloth diapers. Using cloth diapers also reduces waste, which is a good way to Go Green for Baby Care and save you money. The Aquaus Handheld Bidet includes an NSF certified, American made, plumbing code compliant T-connector and shut-off valve with 2 plumbing code required NSF/CSA certified back flow protectors. This makes the Aquaus the only handheld bidet on the market that is plumbing code approved for installation on toilets in the USA and Canada. The simple installation does not require tools or a plumber and offers several mounting options for the sprayer. The Aquaus' sleek design and chrome finish looks great and is barely noticeable in the bathroom. The Aquaus Diaper Sprayer has a three (3) year warranty and is made in the USA with domestic and global components. Domestic production, testing, assembly and packaging ensures that you are receiving the highest quality product while creating jobs in the USA. Why use disposable diapers when you can simply rinse reusable cloth diapers with the Aquaus Diaper Sprayer then toss them in the washing machine. The average baby will use over $1,000.00 per year in disposable diapers. The Aquaus Diaper Sprayer is a simple and convenient solution to making cloth diapering easy. Elegant and ergonomically designed handheld sprayer easily rinses even the messiest diaper clean while using the least amount of water. Uniquely designed sprayer has an anti-drip spray head preventing water in the spray head from dripping on the floor when placed in the holder after each use. NSF Certified Made in the USA, solid brass shut-off pressure control valve and T-connector gives you peace of mind knowing the connection point for the Aquaus Diaper Sprayer is not going to leak or fail.

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