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Feldherr Mini Plus 32 and Monster or Tanks Figure Case

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Very nice Feldherr MINI Figure Case comes with 2x25 mm (1 inch) Foam Trays, 1x60mm (2.4 inch) perforated, prepunched raster (14 mm * 14 mm)tray, and 3 Foam Layers - stores up to 32 standard size Figures and some large Monster or tanks!
With this carry case you can take your miniatures anywhere in safety. The soft foam inside is divided into layers giving easy access to all your models.

Feldherr MINI PLUS 32 plus Monster or Tanks Figure Case comes with:

* 2 x 25 mm (1 inch) foam trays stores up to 16 miniatures each
* 16 compartements each 25 mm x 50 mm (1 inch x 2 inch)
* 1 x 60 mm (2,4 inch) raster foam tray. The perforated, prepunched raster (14 mm * 14 mm) permits the individual adaptation of the foam material inserts to your figures.
* 3 separation foam trays
* = stores up to 32 miniatures and some large miniatures

The Feldherr MINI PLUS bag is in our product line between MINI and MEDIUM bag placed. It builds on the base bag on the MINI and of course also has the same excellent protective properties. With a height of about 145 mm inside and an extra flap external handles it as a separate product solution can be used. There is also the opportunity to captain them in the BACKPACK to carry and as extra protection for particularly large individual miniatures, vehicles or dioramas to use.
The Feldherr Mini Plus case is quite simply a double Mini case, which offers protection for up to 80 infantry figures on the 28 mm scale. With an inside height of about 145 mm and its additional carrying strap, it is a fully-fledged transport solution. As with the Mini case, it is also possible to insert the Mini Plus into a Feldherr Hobbypack II and use it to provide additional protection for larger single

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