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Eco-Bonk Complete Toy: King Penguin (Logan) Inflatable Bop-Bag Toy~Eco-Friendly~Made in America

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Logan the King Penguin is the ultimate interactive play pal for children to tumble around with, embrace and enjoy. Eco-Bonk seems more like an interactive stuffed animal than an old-school punching bag with its plush cotton cover and high-quality vinyl inflatable. The cover is handmade from 100% certified organic cotton fabric that is custom-fitted to our unique pear-shaped inflatable design by a worker-owned, cut and sew textile plant based in North Carolina, specializing in domestic, sustainable textile production. The animal design is screen-printed using water-based inks, which are not toxic; do not contain phthalates, lead or any heavy metals, volatile solvents or any ozone-depleting chemicals. The vinyl inflatable is manufactured with ECM MasterBatch Pellets, a revolutionary additive technology that enables petroleum-based plastic to naturally degrade when disposed of in an active landfill, over some period of time greater than one year and exponentially faster than ordinary vinyl films that can take hundreds or even thousands of years to breakdown into the earth. The vinyl does not contain any traceable amounts of phthalate and BPA. We donate 1% of proceeds to Wildlife Alliance, a leader in providing direct protection to wildlife and forestry. Eco-Bonk is developed, manufactured and assembled in the USA. Your purchase includes one vinyl inflatable and one plush cotton cover. Fill the inflatable base with 8 to 9 cups of rice and the body with air and your child is ready to get their bonk on! Rice not included. Funnel needed. Innovative digital storybooks, featuring Eco-Bonk animals, coming soon.

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