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Sony PHA-1 Headphone Amp

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The PHA-1 is an ideal portable audio accessory for users on the move. In addition to multi-audio player support, the PHA-1 allows direct digital transfer from iPod, iPhone and iPad devices, enhancing the sound quality for music enjoyment when users are browsing the internet or watching films.

The PHA-1 also features high quality DAC and PC jitter-free USB Audio with Asynchronous Transfer Mode to support up to a 96 kHz/24 bit high resolution audio signal. Using high quality parts normally associated with high-end audio components to enhance sound quality, the PHA-1 has isolated analogue and digital circuits to minimise unnecessary internal electrical noise as well as an aluminium shielded case to prevent external interference noise. Additionally, the PHA-1 features custom integrated circuits which are designed for generating high quality sound and an Operational Amplifier that offers low distortion, low noise and a high slew rate for analogue signals.

Compatible with many music players, the portable headphone amplifier has a battery life of approximately 10 hours in analogue mode and five hours when used in digital mode with iPod, iPhone or iPad. The PHA-1 also comes with a GAIN select switch which allows for headphones of a wide range of impedances to be used.

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