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KAVAJ leather case cover "Miami" for the Apple iPhone 5 black - genuine leather with business ca

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Description: The KAVAJ 'Miami' case for your iPhone 5 is a wonderfully impressive pouch-style leather case with a twist:There is a tab that folds over the top and attaches to the other side by build in magnets, securing your iPhone 5 inside the case. When you're ready to take the phone out, you pull the tab up, and, like magic, your phone slides up and slightly out of the case! How cool is that?! Only the top 25 percent or so of your phone slides out, so you can easily grab and operate it. The Miami is a case for people who want to enjoy the natural thinness and beauty of their Apple smart phone. It's made of pure genuine leather on the outside, and soft flannel on the inside. The Miami case itself is one of the thinnest leather pouch cases on the market. There's also an ingenious slot on the back for your cash and small business cards. Which means that you can leave your wallet at home! The KAVAJ Miami for your iPhone 5 - a clever, ingenious and gorgeous case that doubles as a wallet! Highlights: Sexy, ultra-thin, super-soft leather pouch for your iPhone 5Pull-tab slides your phone up and out of the case when you're read to use it Allows you to operate and enjoy your iPhone 5 in all its natural thin beauty Doubles as a wallet with room for small business cards and cash! Materials: Exterior: 100 percent genuine leather in black Interior: Microfiber-like flannel Included in delivery: 1x KAVAJ Miami case for the Apple iPhone 5 in black (iPhone 5 not included with delivery) Compatible with Apple iPhone 5

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