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*Pack of (25) 4" Drawstring Filter Socks, 100 Micron Bags, Made in the USA

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This is for Twenty Five (25) very high quality US made 4 inch Drawstring Filter Socks/Bags, 4" diameter (7" Flattened), 16" long, 100 micron.

Filter socks are the most convenient form of mechanical filtration. They remove excess food, detritus, organic waste, dust, and other particulate. Removing these particulate from the water column will reduce the amount of organic matter that produces ammonia and other undesirable substances in the aquarium. Filter socks also help prevent larger objects, such as sand, crabs, snails, etc. from damaging pump motors. Regular filter sock use will lower organic levels and result in CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER!

This unit is made by Peco-Facet (formerly Purolator), a leading filter manufacturer in the USA.

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