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Flitter Cat Teaser Attachment: Fits Hyendry Clarion Baton and Da Bird Pole - Made in USA

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The Flitter feather cat teaser attachment will remind you of autumn with its bright orange, browns, tans, and ivory colored feathers. The Flitter will bring a "smile" to your kitty's face as it runs and leaps to catch it while you make it bounce and glide through the air. The spinning action of the feathers is irresistible to even our most sedate "test cats" who jump and leap to catch the toy. The Flitter features 2 long Guinea feathers with autumn colored accent feathers for motion and visual appeal. Your cats will go nuts for the Flitter cat teaser attachment! The main feathers are approximately 5" to 6" long with a metal ring to attach to your choice of teaser wand. Regular play sessions using the Flitter attachment is a good outlet for instinctual hunting behaviors and encourages exercise to keep your cats healthy and alert.Unlike other teaser attachments, the colors you see in the image above is what you will get (colors may vary due to monitor resolution and configuration settings).All materials used to make the Flitter come from the USA and the Flitter is assembled in the USA. Rod/Baton/Pole is not included and required to use the Flitter. We recommend the Hyendry Clarion Baton (will also work with the Go Cat Da Bird wand/pole).

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