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Detroit Axle: Power Steering Rack And Pinion 25555 - Remanufactured in USA

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Made In The Motor-City Lifetime Warranty On All Rack and Pinions Complete Import & Domestic Applications Quality - 100% new o-rings and lip seals - Ensures no leaking and quality performance. - All new Teflon rings are added to the spool valve on the rack donut - Restores internal sealing of the rack & pinion. - Racks are surfaced to OE specifications - The proper surface finish will prevent leaking between chambers and extend unit life. - Air Leaked Tested To Assure Reliable Preformance - Hydraulically Tested For Bypass/HI-Pressure - Road Simulation Tested - Tie Rod Load Check ALL REMANUFACTURED RACK ARE EQUIPPED WITH: - New Pressure Seals - New Sleeving - New Teflon - New O Rings - New Boots - New Inner Tie Rods

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