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Strawberry Margarita Beamer® Ultra Premium Hookah Molasses 50 Gram Box. Huge Clouds, Amazing Ta

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Strawberry Margarita Beamer® Ultra Premium Hookah Molasses 50 Gram Box. Huge Clouds, Amazing Taste! ® 100% AMAZING TASTE, 100% Ultra Premium, 100% Tobacco Free, 100% Nicotine Free & 100% Tar Free. Compare to Hookah Tobacco at a fraction of the cost! VERY STRONG FLAVOR! Amazing Tobacco Flavor WITHOUT tobacco, tar or nicotine! Comes in a sealed bag to maintain freshness and also comes with a re-sealable box to store it when not in use! Look for the other 40 + flavors of Beamer® Ultra Premium Hookah flavors in 4 sizes ( 50 Gram box, 100 Gram metal tin, 250 Gram metal tin, 1000 Gram package)! The Beamer® Molasses Company was founded to give the discerning hookah smoker a premium quality smoking experience. Beamer's® huge burst of flavor and enormous clouds of smoke provide the ultimate hookah enjoyment. If you want to escape to amazing taste and enormous clouds then Beamer® Hookah Molasses is the choice to make. Perfect ingredients, perfect blend, perfect choice. Beamer® uses only the finest herbs and flavors. Each flavor is crafted to provide the greatest taste and huge clouds of enjoyment. Each smoking experience comes with the best taste imaginable and clouds of smoke. Beamer® is constantly working on new flavors that will excite your taste buds! Beamer® is made with a high amount of flavor concentration. Even though Beamer® is not made with tobacco, it is a very flavorful molasses. With the new No Smoking Law in many states, Beamer® molasses CAN BE SMOKED IN BUSINESSES and RESTAURANTS BECAUSE IT IS NOT TOBACCO (depending on your states laws)! Make the switch to Beamer®! Beamer® is Manufactured in The United States and Packaged and labeled for maximum shelf appeal and convenience of use. Beamer® Supports the United States Economy!

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