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Cate Chestnut Evelyn 'The Ballerina' Handmade Eco-friendly Rag Doll 21"- Made in USA

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Evelyn is our little ballerina with a two colored blue and yellow tutu with yellow tie and matching leotard. She's accessorized with enchanting felted blue flower headband that match her shoes. Olive colored eyes sparkle against her black hair is styled in a simple no fuss bob to keep her focused on her ballet.
Cate's vision of the modern eco-luxury doll represents the chic treasured style of today's children. Evelyn started out as a drawing and then evolved into great rag doll that comes in various complexions that embodies the look of the child or their friends of all ethnicities.
Cate Chestnut Eco Dolls are the new modern eco-luxury dolls that come in various styles and complexions that represent look of the child or their friends of all ethnicities.

Care instructions: Machine wash in cold water & lay flat to dry.

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