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IPHONE 5 Hot Pink - Glow In The Dark Hard and Soft Case with Credit Card Holder Insert USA SELLE

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This Hard and Soft glossy case is made of high quality plastic and high-gloss finish. Our APPLE iPhone 5G cases offer all around protection to prevent scratches and chips.Product Details

The luminescent system will glow in total darkness after exposure to artificial or natural light. Glows brightest the first 30 minutes after activation has ceased, but will remain clearly visible in a totally dark room to the night adapted eye for 6+ hours.

Note: Item was shined on it with a light bulb for a few seconds, as a result, it glows very bright in a dark room. You can try this at home. Item in picture do not glow on it's own without charging with a light source. Maybe there is a little difference with the color between the picture showed in the description and the actual item that you will receive because of the light exposure reason when taking photo or viewing from a different computer monitor color setting. Real life 3D image cannot be captured digitally. Photos was taken with a Nikon D90. Hope you can understand. Thanks

1x case only. Phone and other item not included.

This is not an Apple or OEM product.

Ship from Los Angeles, California. USA. Buy with confident. Why buy from a China seller and wait 2-4 weeks when you can get it from me within the United State and have it deliver to you in 2-5 business day. You will get real time USPS tracking with us.

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