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TriDerma MD Facial Redness Repair 2.2 oz (62 g)

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Fast, Visible Results

Fast Healing for Sensitive Skin
Reduces redness and inflammation
Helps prevent Rosacea flare-ups
Fights broken capillaries

Medical Strength - With Exclusive AP4® Aloe


Fragrance & Paraben Free

Certified Genuine Virgin Organic Aloe

This highly specialized, intensely soothing cream provides results like those from a Dermatologist. It contains professional strength anti-inflammatory ingredients, vitamins, carefully selected botanicals and proven healing essentials to quickly calm, balance and stabilize the skin. Daily use helps heal blemishes and improve the overall appearance of skin prone to redness, sensitivity and Rosacea.

Recommended for all skin types to achieve a more even skin tone.

Facial Redness RepairTM provides...
Quality you can feel, results you can see.®
AP4® Genuine Virgin Organic Aloe is a proprietary complex that naturally contains more than 200 healing properties to help reduce inflammation, fight bacteria and soothe irritated skin.
Arnica extract reduces redness and inflammation. Helps heal and prevent blemishes.
MSM helps diminish broken blood vessels.

Recommended By Dermatologists

Facial Redness RepairTM is an advanced formula that contains proven healing botanicals and the highest quality medical strength ingredients. It helps reduce puffiness and minimize redness due to sensitive skin or Rosacea symptoms on cheeks, nose, chin or forehead. Daily use helps provide ongoing relief from flare-ups and helps maintain a healthy, even complexion.

Safe, fast healing without a prescription.TM

At TriDerma MD®, we strive to create the perfect healing formulations for specific skin irritations. Our products are made using only the finest quality, most effective ingredients. We are passionate in our pursuit of fast healing, natural formulas that do not cause harmful side effects.
Made in USA

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