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Pure Grit Climbing Pinstripe Mini Bouldering Chalk Bucket (USA made)

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An innovative and unique mini chalk bouldering bucket! It's larger than a chalk bag, but smaller than a standard bucket. Compact and almost spill proof with it's Spill Guard elastic top.

Dims are 8 inches high and 6 inches in diameter
Innovative spill guard top to catch chalk when tipped. Elastic opening for an easy one hand dip or expands to squeeze in 2 hands
Collapses for easy travel
Smooth sliding & engineered synch cord lock closure that shuts 100%
Handle tuckets behind tab to keep out of the way or stays upright with sturdy webbing fabric
Small tab in back to clip onto packs and pads
Soft fleece lining
Reinforced stitching for added durability
Large elastic brush holder

Let a Pure Grit climbing bags be an extension of your personality. Chalk buckets are part of your climbing apparel, why not have them be fun and stylish too!

They make great gifts! Buy one for yourself and a friend.

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