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Ribbon dog collar : 5/8"or 3/4" wide mod designer flower ribbon pet collar puppy small dog mediu

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5/8" or 3/4" wide dog collar for puppy, small dogs to large dogs. Mod style geometric floral ribbons are sewn on durable and flexible nylon backing in coordinated color. These ribbons are feminin and stylish, great for girl dogs! White color curved buckle for turquoise and pink collars looks very crisp and clean. This white buckle does not get dirty easly. And whole collar itself is machine or hand washable. They are fashionable and practical for everyday use. All of Marityn Dog's products are handcrafted here in USA . And we choose to use animal friendly materials. (No leather, No fur) Compassion for all creatures... Color choice : from top of the picture (Turquoise) (Pink) (Brown) (Black)

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