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NEW Teeth Whitening Kit, Bleaching fresh high strength Hydrogen Peroxide gel Professional Dental

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Introducing Magic Smile Kit Pro, The Most Effective And Affordable Teeth Whitening Solution Money Can Buy! They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But any eye can see the sparkle and shine in a smile full of pearly whites. If you're searching for the perfect smile, Magic Smile Kit Pro is for you. The concept behind Kit Pro is simple: A teeth whitening kit that provides all the tools you need to whiten your teeth quickly and easily, from the comfort of your own home. The difference between kit pro and other teeth whitening kits, is its patented multi-strength whitening system. When you buy Magic Smile Kit Pro, you are given three different pens containing three different grades of solution: · Low. · Medium. · High. If you have sensitive teeth, you can start with the low strength solution. If you have strong teeth, start with the high strength solution and watch results appear almost instantly! Think of Magic Smile Kit Pro as the high end teeth whitening solution for consumers who are dedicated to having beautiful, shiny, perfect teeth. It brings three times the total volume of whitening solution that the mini kit brings, meaning it can last for up to three times as long. Plus, it comes with a complete instructional video that shows you how to use the Kit Pro teeth whitening system, through precise instruction, down to the last detail. It has literally everything you need to get your teeth brighter and more beautiful, even if you've never used teeth whitening technology in your life!

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