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APDTY 726291 Intake Manifold Kit Includes Gaskets & PCV Valve (Improved Design)(Made In USA!!)

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Brand New Intake Manifold Kit (Upgraded Design)Kit includes Upper Intake Manifold/Plenum With Gasket, PCV Valve, Throttle Body Gasket, & Needed HardwareFits 1995-2005 GM 3.8L 3800 Series II V6 EngineReplaces GM Part #: 89017272, 217-454, 12537425, 24506013, 89017274This upgraded version has the EGR tube input area thickened and a metal adapter included. This metal adapter prevents the hot exhaust gasses from causing the common melting problem that allows coolant to leak. A common symptom is a check engine light on with a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) fault code. Also the engine will want to surge and have erratic throttle response. You may also want to inspect and/or just replace the lower intake manifold gasket as it has a tendency to leak oil. The lower intake gasket is sold separately and is not always needed.Made In USA!!

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