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Acoustic Guitar Strings. Light Acoustic Guitar Strings Phosphor Bronze - For Fast Fret Work & Pi

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Why Choose A Light Acoustic Guitar String from Vibe ?* Warm, Even Toned, Higher Brighter Sound - Great For Fast or Complex Fingering* Made From Corrosive Resistant Phosphor Bronze - Strings Last Longer* Manufactured In Small Batches - Our Strings Do Not Sit On Shelves For Long So Are Newer When They Are Shipped* Individually Packaged - Making It Easier and Faster To Restring Guitars* 'Fresh From The Pack' is Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee For Your Satisfaction* Save Money: Order Two Packs Today & Get Free Shipping What Can You Expect From Vibe Acoustic Guitar Strings - Light Gauge:- Consistency In Sound and Tone Quality- Quality Made With Over 40 Years Crafting Experience In Each String- Stronger, More Durable Yet Flexible Strings-Longer Playing Life - Less Breakage and Less Restringing- Easy To Play for Fast & Complex Playing Styles Light Gauge Acoustic Guitar Strings.011, .015, .023, .030, .040, .050Guitarists Are Discovering That Vibe Strings:* Give A Bright, Warm Tone With Full-Bodied Sound - Excellent Playability For Faster Playing Styles and Different Levels of Experience * Have A Well Balanced Feel And Smooth Wrapping - For Your Playing Comfort* Create Bright or Sustaining Sound Where You Want It* Holds Tuning And Gives Longer Playing Life - Less Time Spent Restringing, More Time Spent Playing!* Contain Over 40 Years Craftsmanship Excellence In Each String MadeNo Risk Purchase GuaranteeOur Strings are manufactured in small batches to order, are packaged individually, are held with low stock levels & stored for the minimum possible time before shipping to you. We offer a no-questions replacement guarantee if your strings show signs of corrosion upon opening. T&C apply.Click The 'Add to Cart' Button Above For This Special Sale Price ( Limited Time Only !! )

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