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Lilac Scented Soy Candle Large 16 Ounces, Fresh Spring Scent, Long Lasting Burn Time With This P

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Enjoy The Fragrance Of Spring All Year
The smell of Lilacs is the scent most favored by many people in spring. How many of you cut the flowers and bring that wonderful smell indoors? Unfortunately Lilacs only bloom for about three weeks. Now you can enjoy that lovely fragrance in your home year round with this high-quality soy candle. Plus it is reported that the Lilac scent provides a calming effect that eases anxiety. Other reported effects include a purifying, soothing sensation that centers the mind to encourage relaxation.
Interesting Facts About Our Soy Candles
* Soy wax, which comes from soy beans doesn't contain pollutants and is biodegradable.
* Using our soy candles helps support American soy bean farmers.
* Clean-up of soy wax can be done by using soap and water, so our mason jar containers can be re-used. Spills on clothing, tableclothes, and carpet are easier to clean up.
* We use special wicks that do not contain lead.
* Our soy wax burns at a cooler temperature which makes the burn time of the candle longer.
* Our soy candles have a higher fragrance load than your typical paraffin wax, which allows for more distribution of the fragrance.
- Keep the candle away from flammables, such as curtains, drapes and furniture.
- Burn the candle on a sturdy surface away from children and pets.
- Do not move a burning candle or if the wax is still hot.
- Never leave a burning candle unattended!
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