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Non Slip Purse Strap and Shoulder Bag Gripper Accessory NEW LARGE SIZE

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Hideagrip® THE ORIGINAL INVISIBLE non-slip shoulder bag and purse strap gripper since 2011, as featured on National Radio Talk Shows. Hideagrip® is an innovative product used to maintain the strap of your purse or shoulder bag on your shoulder. These invisible, non slip, self adhesive, flexible grip strips are easily applied to the underside of your purse or shoulder bag straps...The very reason we call it "Hide A Grip" Simply peel and stick, and let Hideagrip® do the work. This is our newest addition to our line, Permanent adhesive, as well as larger size. Depending on your needs we offer 2 sizes as well as semi -permanent and permanent ...Refresh your purse or shoulder bags hidden away in the closet with our non-slip solution. Imagine, no more cross body straps! Each package contains 2 grip strips. To see our product in action please view our latest video on YouTube "Hideagrip - Say 'Goodbye' to bag straps falling off your shoulder" Hideagrip® for No More Slip!

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